MultiSupply — distribution services.

We supply raw materials, technical parts, engineering equipment to industrial and farm enterprises, farms, factories and trading companies

We provide


Freight transportation of industrial goods for European and Asian markets with personal attention to our customers’ needs


Legal support and comprehensive suite of consultation services regarding international transactions


Integrated solutions for freight consolidation, warehousing and storage of cargoes in points of pass, and distribution. Customized supply chain solutions across all industry sectors


Professionalism, high quality products and services, personalized approach to customer is integral part of strategy and these values that are the foundation of our business.

Spare parts for agricultural machinery

  • Combine and Forage Harvester
  •  Forage and root crops harvesting technology
  •  Plant cultivation, fertilisation and protection technology
  •  Tractor and commercial vehicle technology
  •  Accessories and machine equipment
  •  Powertrain technology
  •  Farm and warehouse equipment
  •  Accessories
  •  Spare parts by type
  •  Electrical
  •  Motorisation
  •  Spare parts by usage

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Industrial hoses

  • Fire Fighting Hoses
  • Hot water and steam hoses
  • Hot water hoses
  • Sewer flushing hose
  • Compressed air hoses
  • Air condition hoses
  • Fittings for air condition
  • Hoses for vehicles
  • Mineral oil hoses
  • Welding hose
  • Abrasion resistant hoses
  • Food quality hoses
  • Chemical hoses
  • Cable Protection Hoses
  • Polyamid tubes and fittings
  • PVC Hoses
  • Fast couplings CAMLOCK
  • Connectors for road tankers DIN 28450
  • PERROT Couplings
  • Flange connectors EN 1092-1
  • Low pressure fittings
  • Mortar Hose Couplings and Plugs
  • Claw Couplings DIN 3489
  • Couplings STORZ
  • Clamping rings

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  • Hydraulic stations
  • Hydraulic blocks
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Hydraulic batteries
  • Filters and filtrating elements
  • Hydraulic valves and distributors
  • Electronics
  • Accessories, hoses and fittings
  • Air and oil coolers, heat exchangers
  • Oil level indicators, pressure indicators and manometers

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Сonveyor belts

1.Fabric-rubber conveyor belts:

  • Flame resistant GTP for underground installations
  • Normal for general purpose use
  • Non inflammable
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Oil resistant and oil heat resistant
  • Monoply flame resistant GTP PWG
  • Belts with profiled working surface
  • Fabric-rubber belts for agriculture

2. Rubber belts with steel cords:

  • Flame resistant GTP-ST
  • Flame resistant T-ST
  • Normal ST

3. Rubber sheets and floor coverings

  • Rubber sheets with and without plies
  • Flame resistant GPT-W sheets
  • Vibroinsulation rubber panels
  • Rubber floor coverings

4. ELASTrack – railway level crossing system :

  • ELASTrack – railway level crossing system

5. Other products:

  • Flat rubber – fabric driving belts
  • Scrapers for belts cleaning
  • Belts with metal mesh
  • Rubber compounds